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Our company focuses on building premier custom homes while developing lasting relationships with our clients. Customer Satisfaction is our company’s primary goal. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and our ability to give our clients an individual experience on every project. Our passion for quality craftsmanship, combined with our knowledge and experience, enables buyers to have and maintain confidence and satisfaction throughout the home building process. Contact us today to learn how we can help build your new dream home.


Meet The Builder: John H Beasley has been in Central Kentucky for over 30 years and is a family-owned business.

John Beasley has been building custom homes in Central Kentucky since 1996. He started building with Tom Kelley Homes Inc. owned by his father in law and mentor, Tom Kelley. John and Tom have built over 150 custom homes and speculative homes in the Lexington area and surrounding counties, not to mention numerous home renovations and remodels. John and Tom started K&B Builders in the 2009 and have collaborated on several large projects. John and Tom are active members of the BIA of Central Kentucky, formally known as the Homebuilders Association.

John brings years of construction experience and knowledge to every project. He is present daily on each job site and manages each project very closely. He is a skilled carpenter with extensive knowledge of building materials, codes, and processes. This experience allows him to guide the customer through the design and building process with a wealth of experience.


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January / February 2022

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Client contacts K&B Builders

K&B Builders sets a time to meet with the homeowner(s) to discuss plans and a budget.

K&B Builders draw up blueprints with their in-house architects

K&B Builders presents the rough draft to the homeowner(s) to confirm we’ve met every request and that we are on the same page!

K&B Builders creates the contract, once signed and submitted, we start our custom design

We request that our homeowner(s) come daily to ensure complete satisfaction throughout the entire build. We also know that there are many changes that can populate during the build so we always want to make sure that our team gives transparency to every homeowner.

Once the build is complete we do a walk-through to go over every little curve and detail

Once our client has approved the build, we put a 1-year Satisfaction Warranty on the brick and mortar foundation.

We’ve Built In



K&B Builders LLC is a family owned business and your premier luxury custom home builder. For nearly 3 decades, we have developed an unparalleled reputation for excellence, quality and amazing craftsmanship. Our company has developed a customer friendly homebuilding process that ensures the highest quality, communication and attention to detail. K&B Builders LLC only uses reputable and insured sub contractors on their jobs. We provide lien waivers to the clients for every job done along with a builders warranty. We will guide you through every part of the building process to guarantee that your needs and visions are met. You can have the peace of mind that we uses a hands on approach and have open lines of communication throughout the building process. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients and enjoy making their dream home a reality.

K&B Builders is known for their repeat clients. We have continued to use the same subcontractors for the last 30 years and will continue for the next 30 years! We will ensure your signed lien waivers are up to date throughout the entire build. K&B Builders includes a 1-year warranty on what we create/build! We want our clients to see the daily process and be involved every step of the way.